#1 Priority "YOUR COMPANY"
  • If we could reduce your current health plan 20 - 30 percent and improve your plan would you want us to tell you about it?
  • Have you felt the pressure to pass more cost for benefits to your employee's?
  • Do you use the payroll tax savings program for employee premiums? Would you like to know about that free savings plan set up?
  • Has it been years since you asked a different broker office to provide a different perspective?
If you said yes to one or more of these questions you may want more detailed information?

Support Systems
Health Care Reform:
  1. Business Subject to Audit and Fines
  2. Not in Compliance with Law
  3. Lack of Overall Understanding
Rising Costs:
  1. Rising Worker's Comp Claims and Premiums
  2. Rising Cost of Healthcare
  3. Rising Payroll Tax
Maintaining Competitiveness:
  1. Retaining Key Employees
  2. Recruiting New Talent
  3. Maintaining Productivity
Benefit Administration:
  1. Wasted Time, Excessive Paperwork
  2. Communicating to Employee education
  3. Minimizing Human Resources efforts
Workforce Morale and Productivity:
  1. Raise Employee Morale
  2. Increase quality of work production
  3. Lower employee stress

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